The Kentucky Warriors Youth Basketball Organization, based in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area, is an academy based organization that offers year-round basketball skills training, specialized training, team practices and team leagues. For both boys and girls, beginners to elite players, ages 3 to 15. Our core focus is on the skills development of Pre-K to Freshman players to prepare them physically and mentally for the high school game and ideally a college scholarship. We offer year round, highly experienced and committed coaches, that will ensure a challenging and learning filled environment for your player. The KY Warriors have both AAU teams and REC teams. Our AAU teams are for advanced and elite players and our REC teams are for intermediate and advanced players, both leagues are available to play in year round. If your player is just starting out, we offer year round basketball skills training, which prepares players to be placed on one of our teams.

The Kentucky Warriors also offers specialized  jump/agility/speed training that will improve players athleticism. Our basketball organization is for both players that either want to just have fun and be a part of a team for a session or want to make a year round commitment to do the necessary work to develop and improve their individual and team basketball skills. We have teams or training for either type player, with the goal being to constantly learn, improve and have fun! We want to teach life lessons through basketball team play that we feel prepares children for lifetime requirements. Such as following rules, how to lead and follow, how to take instruction, working toward a common team goal, improving, learning, listening & communicating with coaches and teammates and other life lessons. Basketball team work teaches great lessons that help players in school, life and their future career.

For more information, or to sign up for a team or skills training email your player’s information to info@kentuckywarriors.org. Or to see more of what we do, go to our Facebook page.

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